Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Welcome Back to my Blog Sweet Blog

Hello! Wow! I know I've been a stranger to the blog. It's been too long and way over-due! In the past week I've been giving the blog a makeover, maybe because I got tired of the old design but it's also to give me the motivation to blog again. It's always refreshing to look at something new, don't you agree? Hope you like the new design.
I promise you that my absence will be made up. So many new features and creative thoughts to share. Stay tuned and enjoy!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Monthly Giveaway: May: Key to my Heart Necklace

This Giveaway is for the above necklace "Key to my Heart".

4 ways to enter:
You can do each of the following once for 4 chances to win.
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1. Tell me how you got to my blog.
2. Visit BelaDonnaJewels and pick your favorite item in the shop.
3. Blog and/or Twitter (@belacer) about this Giveaway.
4. Follow my Blog.

Please be sure to include your contact information in your comments so that I can contact you if win!

1 winner will be chosen via

All entries must be received by Sunday, May 24th at 11:59pm Est.
Giveaway ends Sunday, May24th at Midnight EST.
I will be announcing the winner on Monday, May 25th.
Thanks for entering & Good luck! ^_^

Sara from Soap Rehab is the Winner to this Giveaway

Congratulations Sara!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Featured Artist Interview: Machiko from Go Buggy

I discovered Go Buggy while I was surfing through Etsy to look shops I haven't seen before. I was so fascinated with what I saw in Machiko's shop. The felt items that she makes are so delicate and fun yet so complex! Some of them even look eatable!! By looking at them in her shop, I can tell how much time, care and patience go into what she does and it's all so creative! I'm so proud to be able to feature Machiko from Go Buggy. She was also an Etsy Featured Seller in January 2008. Best of luck Machiko!!
Please read on to find out more about this talented artist and go check out her shop for more goodies!

5 random facts about you
1. I love cleaning lint traps.
2. My daughter sucked me into Sesame Street.
3. I am blind without my glasses.
4. I got pulled over for driving too slow.
5. I will try any food once.

How long have you been doing this and how did it all begin?

Making fake food started when my daughter was born, so that would be in 2007. Before kids, I went and got an art degree so I have always liked working with my hands. Arts and crafts were always my favorite classes to attend. I occupied myself pretty well.

What inspires you?
I love watching people do their own thing. I loved to be blown away by people's smarts, work, art, and sense of humor. I love hearting on Etsy when I find awesome shops. When I do, I just want to do my own thing too! Aside from exposing myself to people's talent, my children also inspires me in the strangest ways. To pick a few, when my daughter tries really hard to sing her alphabets (25 months), or my son trying so hard to roll over his chunky arms (he is 5 months).
Describe your creative process
That is a good question and I never answer them well. Sometimes, I sit on ideas for months and sometimes years. Sometimes, I can push it through over night. Lately, my quiet time is before I fall asleep. I like to think what I can make while doze off. I usually have to try couple of times to get things right and I have a lot of waste. I am working on my efficiency.

Any challenges you face along your creative road?
I have a hard time when I feel like everything I make just plainly suck. I try not to take myself too seriously when that thought takes over my life.
What advice would you give other artists out there?
I am not in any position to give any advice for people but this is what I tell myself. Nuture what I think I do best. I should stop if I don't love what I do. Be obsessive.

How do you promote your work?
I know this sounds unprofessional but mainly, I rely on the word of mouth. I sell my work through Etsy which helps with traffic, and I also started Flickr and I have gotten so much support from it too.

Apart from creating beautiful things, what do you like to do?
I try my best to be a good mom to my two kids. I like learning about plants, and how to take care of them so I won't kill them often.

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?
Thank you for inviting me and indulging me!
Currently, I don't have a studio and have taken over the kitchen or anywhere horizontal in our little house. I can't send you any pictures because my background will be sinks, microwave , and kitchen counter which will expose that I am not the best house keeper.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Top 6 Thursday: let's go Green!

Yesterday was Earth Day. It is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in in 1970 and is celebrated in many countries every year. To me Earth Day is more then just one day. We should all do things for where we live everyday. Hopefully we all do and did part to keep our Earth environments. Here I put together a collection from some talented artist to celebrate our "green". Please show them some love and enjoy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Featured Artist Interview: Lynn from UnaOdd

It's a great pleasure for me to feature Lynn from UnaOdd. Few months ago I was searching for handmade pretties for my "Top 6 Thursday". While doing so, I came across UnaOdd on Etsy. Her original bangle bracelets caught my attention at first sight but also makes other beautiful things! Thank you Lynn for letting me feature you! Please read on to find out more about Lynn.

5 random facts about you:
I collect cat whiskers. I am crazy about gardening. I can beach-comb and fossil-hunt endlessly. I am a hermit-type who was saved from a solitary existence by my very understanding husband. I have two lovely, artistic children who I send outside regularly.

How long have you been doing this and how did it all begin?
I started around 1992, so almost 17 years. I began experimenting with resins and polymer clay and sketches from my college sketchbooks.

What inspires you?
Anything in nature -especially growth, patterns and color. Seed pods, bones, bugs, leaves, fossils, roots, flowers...if it was alive I'll look at it!

Describe your creative process:
I'm very much a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of artist. I'll see something that interests me and then mush, impress, bake, draw or engrave it. If it works and I like it I'll do some more. I'm a big fan of adding and taking away. Most of my pieces go through a lot of painting and sanding....covering and revealing.

Any challenges you face along your creative road?
I get tremendous support from my family, but being a wife and mother means having to carve out time to work. Trying to balance art and family is a tough thing.

What advice would you give other artists out there?
Experiment and play around. Don't be afraid of your materials or of failure.

How do you promote your work?
I recently joined Handmade in PA Street Team. I network through the Treasury system and I post on Twitter and Flickr.

Apart from creating beautiful things, what do you like to do?
Well first, Thank you! :^) I love spending time with my family, gardening and doing photography.
Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?
First, I thank you for the invitation to do this interview. Second -I think it is very important that people connect with nature, one on one, from childhood. Only through exposure to other living things do we develop respect, empathy, and appreciation for the world and life around us. Parents, turn off the television, put the computers away and let your children see 'real life'.

Please check out Lynn's Blog @
Appreciation blog post from Lynn (thank you):

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April Resin Bangle Giveaway Winner!!

Thank you to everyone who participated and entered to my Monthly Giveaway! There was a total of 24 entries to this Giveaway.

The winner to this giveaway is: #2 MOMFOREVERANDEVER!!

Please stay tuned for my next Monthly Giveaway coming on May 4!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Top 6 Thursday: tweeter birds

Birds are one of the many signs we see of Spring. They are very cute, fun, and small. Many artists use them as inspiration to their work. Here are some of my favorites. Please show them some love...enjoy!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Featured Artist Interview: Shellie from PillowHappy

I'm very pleased to present to you my 1st featured Artist: Shelli, the beautiful and talented woman behind pillowhappy! I came across pillowhappy a few months ago when I was looking for Spring and nature inspired handmades on Etsy. There are many reason why I like Shelli's work so much. I love the details, color combination, variation in design, nature inspired and photographs she takes of her work. Thank you Shellie for letting me feature you. Please read on and find out more about the talent behind pillowhappy!

5 random facts about you:
1.I used to be an "auto show" model....cheesy I know!
2. I also used to act, but didn't make enough money, hence #1.
3. I have 4 kids 21,19, 7 and 5 (3 boys 1 girl)
4. I’ve lived in mi, ky, co, southern ca, and now nc!
5. I’m married to a stand up comic.

How long have you been doing this and how did it all begin?
One day I was sewing a slipcover for my couch. One day turned into a week as I went a little "slipcover happy" and slipcovered virtually everything in my house. In the meantime, I needed to get some ideas of mine on "pillow", and this shop was created! I've gone pillowhappy people! My shop, pillowhappy, has a double meaning. Yes, the pillows are happy pillows. But, I have literally gone crazy making and designing pillows, so the name "pillowhappy" more than fits!

What inspires you?
I’m very inspired by nature. Trees, leaves, bugs, flowers, sea life....whatever you can see from your own backyard! I’m continually amazed by God's creations! I also have always gravitated to little breakfast nooks, cubbies, tree forts....any secret place that's cozy. I also love love love a good nap. For a while I considered myself a professional napper (minus the pay), so, I think the combination of nature, and the comfy led me to..... pillows! I love working with soft things, soft fabrics....I’d love to learn to paint, but it's not cozy and soft. It’s messy. So, I probably won't.

Describe your creative process:
Nothing out of the ordinary....I have to work on my time management, and try to get things done before the kids get home from school. I try not to stress out to much about sales, etc....the great thing about etsy is that I can work in my pajamas, be my own boss, be at home, and create my own designs! I’m still amazed that I’m selling my own creations! There is something very special about that. I’m so happy people enjoy my pillows too!

What advice would you give other artists out there?
Don’t "force" yourself into making things just to "make things". Go with your gut and your inspirations and see where it takes you. Don’t put pressure on your artistry to be a machine and pump out cash. yes, it's sweet when this happens, but I think when you focus too much on it, you lose the joy, and sometimes, the creativity....if I feel myself getting this way, I start singing, "hold on loosely, but don't let go.....if you cling too tightly, you're gonna lose control". (It’s a classic rock song)

How do you promote your work?
I relist items daily. I include business cards in all my orders. I have a Facebook page that has a neat sidebar displaying my pillows. Other than that, I haven't done much else....people have put me on blogs (like this one) which is such a gift! I know that has helped too. I also try to have really really good customer service. oh! I am doing my first craft fair in a month or two! I’ll let you know how that goes!

Apart from creating beautiful things, what do you like to do?
Play with my kids, beach days, travel to see my bigger boys who live in Ca and Alaska, dates with my husband, Matt. I am pretty simple these days....oh, I do love movies, and (not to brag) I make the best popcorn....

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?
Thanks so much for reading, and I am loving this blog!! Good luck everyone!