Monday, October 15, 2007

Map messenger bag: process in the making 1

Some of you have already heard about the promo piece that I want to do. It's a messenger bag out of plastic bags by melting them together then sewing the bags together like fabric.
I started testing and practicing with the plastic bags. I melted a few and threw away a few. Most of them came out wrinkled. It's still in its trial and error stage but I think I found the problem. The plastic bags were too big and they were too thin. So I'll be trying out some more as soon as I get a hold of MORE BAGS!
I started brain storming ideas of a theme I want to have for all my pieces including the promo piece. I want it to reflect my personality, who I am and my creativity. So I thought of either making it as a traveler's bag, GD's Survival Bag or Oriental Theme. If it's the the GD's Survival or Traveler's bag then would also like to include maps of FL if it's possible. I did my calculations and measurements for the bag to be large enough to be to fit the portfolio in it.

Just some ideas
for the Outside:
-wrapper (candy/chocolate, anything plastic)
-use of map?
-Rub on lettering
-chinese characters
-seatbelt buckle
-sew self identity logo on flat

inside for "Traveler's bag"(ideas to include):
-map somehow incorporate work in there
-passport with stamps
-pollaroid pics of cropped
-CD with artwork
-postcards with work on them

inside for "GD's survival bag:
-CD w/ artwork
-measurement tape (picas/in/cm)
-paintchip business card holder
-floppy notepad
-ctrl+z (cmd+z) & crtl+s (cmd+s) buttons
-art chip

I knows it might be a lil hard to imagine how it would look like right now but please try. Give me some feedback on what you think about the theme ideas or if there's anything else I should include or take away.
I'm not a big fan of junk food but if any of you do eat anything with wrappers it'll be great if you could save some wrappers and plastic bags for me! Thank you ^_^
Here I have a rough sketch of the layout of the bag. The pic was taken with my phone. It looks much better on paper.

This video shows the idea of how I want to make the messenger bags. Let's just see if it works out!

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