Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ideas for new product line and shops

I was really happy on the outcome of all my self promotional pieces for my portfolio. I've had many positive feedback after all my portfolio pieces (messenger bag, postcard box, portfolio case, tags...etc) were done and I have thought of remaking the messenger bags and coming up with new items to sell.
It's recommended that people who sell different kind of items on Etsy should make different shops for them or not and only sell similar items.
I've been hesitating on opening other shops because I didn't want it to be confusing. After doing more and more research I've found that most people that succeed with Sales are those that sell a specific category in their shop.
So I've finally decided, I'm opening 2 more shops.

BelaDonna Travel: the self promotional line that I did of "travel"...messenger bag, boxes, books...etc

BelaDonna Jewels: strictly jewelry and accessories

So far they're still at their early stages.

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