Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Give your ride a mileage Makeover

These days gas is getting more and more expensive, and this is not new news to anyone. The price of gas is a sore spot with most people when the cost of filling up keeps on rising! You might not think you can do a whole lot about it, but actually there's quite a bit. After doing some research, I figure I should share some tips with you to save $ by not wasting your gas. Here are some simple things you can do right now that will help you increase your gas mileage and pump some $ back into you pocket. :)

Slow Down
What's the rush? Where's the fire? Hard acceleration, aggressive driving and speeding reduce fuel economy significantly. Although it's true that different vehicles reach their optimal fuel economies at different speeds, in general the faster you travel over 60mph the faster your fuel consumption is. Slowing down and avoiding "jack-rabbit" starts can yield from 5% to as much as 30% saving in fuel economy.

Just Cruising Along
When you're out on the open road maintaining a steady, constant speed bu setting the cruise control on your car is a great and easy way to improve you fuel economy. Using the cruise control helps avoid sudden accelerations that waste gas.

Pump It Up
When was the last time you checked the air in your tires? Under inflated tires causes drag which means the engine in your car has to work harder. Keeping your tires inflated to the manufacturer's specifications can increase your fuel economy by up to 4% - not to mention extending the life of your (expensive) tires.

Clean Your Car and Lose Some Weight
No, I don't mean the outside of your car, although who wants to drive a dirty car? And I'm not talking about the spare tire around your waist either. I'm talking about the inside of your car. Get the junk out of there! Your car is not a closet or a storage shed. One way of another, we're all guilty of it, leaving extra "stuff" in the trunk or in the backseat. Coffee mugs, shoes, clothes, tools, whatever it may be...the list goes on and on. For every 100 pounds of "stuff" you can remove, you'll gain 2% in additional fuel economy.

It All Adds Up
You may be asking, "it's only 2%, does it really even matter?" The answer is yes it does matter. The point is, if you can save 2% here and 5% there and another 4% here, it all adds up. Before you know it you've just increased your fuel simple 10% or more. These are only simple things that you can do on the regular that yield big results. Results that you can see through less frequent fill-ups and a thicker wallet!
With all this said, hope this helped!
Happy cruising!


gas mileage said...

There are lot other ways to get into lot of things.

BelaDonna said...

yes, I agree that there are many other ways to go about it, but these are only few pointer I have for others without them having to buy a new car, which some might not be able to afford.