Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday Night: Sushi Happy Hours!

Last night, Saturday, February 29th, my boyfriend, GC and I hosted a Sushi Night get together with a few of his closest friends. I made 11 rolls, 1 salad, 3 appetizer/sides.

The big plates contain Sunrise (drizzled with my special yum yum white sauce and lemon zest on top), Summer, Volcano and Dragon Roll (drizzled homemade eel sauce on top).

(left) Fantasy and Mega Tempura Roll (right) Mexican Bubble Roll
Click here to check out what's in them

(left) Sumono Salad

GC is made our chocolate sauce for our delicious dessert!
(Ice Cream, palmier, strawberry, bananas, pound cake)

It was a night of great company and good eats!
We had an amazing time together!!

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