Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MyKokeshi Custom Orders

Few weeks ago I made a custom Kokeshi couple for a friend of mine. His friend saw his kokeshi dolls and loved them so she asked me to make 3 custom orders for her and her friends. She provided me with 3 photographs, 3 colors for each doll and a quote for each. I love custom requests because there's fun, challenging and always original!

Would you like to request for your own custom Kokeshi? If so, please contact me at belacer@gmail.com. Thank you!


Owl and Fox said...

Wow, great job! You must have such a steady hand.

BelaDonna said...

It's skill baby...skills! lol jk I do have pretty steady hands. :)

Laura said...

hola Bela, Como estas? You make these dolls? They are amazing!!! really! What are you up to? did you study graphic design or something like that?

Un beso grande.

Saludos desde Argentina.


BelaDonna said...

Lauuu! Estoy bien gracias y tu como estas? Yes, I make all of these dolls. It's a new thing I'm doing right now. Yes, I studied Graphic Design so it also helps with the packaging and extra print work.

Howie said...

It is amazing how you so accurately recaptured their three faces with your concise, elegant lines! :)