Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Featured Artist Interview: Machiko from Go Buggy

I discovered Go Buggy while I was surfing through Etsy to look shops I haven't seen before. I was so fascinated with what I saw in Machiko's shop. The felt items that she makes are so delicate and fun yet so complex! Some of them even look eatable!! By looking at them in her shop, I can tell how much time, care and patience go into what she does and it's all so creative! I'm so proud to be able to feature Machiko from Go Buggy. She was also an Etsy Featured Seller in January 2008. Best of luck Machiko!!
Please read on to find out more about this talented artist and go check out her shop for more goodies!

5 random facts about you
1. I love cleaning lint traps.
2. My daughter sucked me into Sesame Street.
3. I am blind without my glasses.
4. I got pulled over for driving too slow.
5. I will try any food once.

How long have you been doing this and how did it all begin?

Making fake food started when my daughter was born, so that would be in 2007. Before kids, I went and got an art degree so I have always liked working with my hands. Arts and crafts were always my favorite classes to attend. I occupied myself pretty well.

What inspires you?
I love watching people do their own thing. I loved to be blown away by people's smarts, work, art, and sense of humor. I love hearting on Etsy when I find awesome shops. When I do, I just want to do my own thing too! Aside from exposing myself to people's talent, my children also inspires me in the strangest ways. To pick a few, when my daughter tries really hard to sing her alphabets (25 months), or my son trying so hard to roll over his chunky arms (he is 5 months).
Describe your creative process
That is a good question and I never answer them well. Sometimes, I sit on ideas for months and sometimes years. Sometimes, I can push it through over night. Lately, my quiet time is before I fall asleep. I like to think what I can make while doze off. I usually have to try couple of times to get things right and I have a lot of waste. I am working on my efficiency.

Any challenges you face along your creative road?
I have a hard time when I feel like everything I make just plainly suck. I try not to take myself too seriously when that thought takes over my life.
What advice would you give other artists out there?
I am not in any position to give any advice for people but this is what I tell myself. Nuture what I think I do best. I should stop if I don't love what I do. Be obsessive.

How do you promote your work?
I know this sounds unprofessional but mainly, I rely on the word of mouth. I sell my work through Etsy which helps with traffic, and I also started Flickr and I have gotten so much support from it too.

Apart from creating beautiful things, what do you like to do?
I try my best to be a good mom to my two kids. I like learning about plants, and how to take care of them so I won't kill them often.

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?
Thank you for inviting me and indulging me!
Currently, I don't have a studio and have taken over the kitchen or anywhere horizontal in our little house. I can't send you any pictures because my background will be sinks, microwave , and kitchen counter which will expose that I am not the best house keeper.


Sigmosaics said...

oh goodness me .. these creations are amazing!! I LOVE to eat corn on the cob .. Machiko's is so realistic and it's even got the butter on it.

Off to check out her etsy shop :-)
Thank you for sharing.

Che Birba said...

Hi...I'm Laura from Italy; I also made felt food
I'd like to invite you to visite my italian blog... Laura